The Taylor Swift Eras Tour Trivia: Can You Keep Up, Swiftie?

How many outfit changes did Taylor Swift have during her Eras Tour concerts?





Taylor Swift showcased her 17-year career with an impressive 16 outfit changes during each concert. These outfits were custom-made by renowned designers like Versace, Elie Saab, and Roberto Cavalli, each representing a unique era in her career​​.

What unique touch did Taylor Swift’s parents add to her Eras Tour?

They designed her costumes

They wrote a song for her

They crystalized her guitar

They painted the stage sets

Taylor Swift’s parents showed their support in a unique way by crystallizing her guitar by hand, using super glue. This personal touch added a familial element to her already spectacular show​​.

What special feature was included in the seating of the Eras Tour concerts?

Seat cushions

Light-up bracelets

Personalized notes

3D glasses

Each seat in the 80,000-capacity stadiums was equipped with a light-up bracelet. These bracelets activated before the show and were synced to the themes of Swift’s different musical eras and the beat of her songs, adding a mesmerizing, color-coded element to the concert experience​​.

Which of the following elements was a part of the stage design for the Lover era during the Eras Tour?

A giant tree

A dollhouse-like home

A space-themed backdrop

A city skyline

For the Lover era segment of her Eras Tour, Taylor Swift brought a dollhouse-like home onstage, reminiscent of the iconic setting from her ‘Lover’ music video. This attention to detail in stage design allowed each era to stand out and resonate with fans​​.

During the Evermore era segment of the Eras Tour, what unique stage element did Taylor Swift include?

A moon-shaped platform

Woods growing out of the stage

A waterfall backdrop

A revolving stage

For the Evermore segment, Taylor Swift creatively transformed the stage with woods growing out of it. This design choice symbolized the album’s theme and ambiance, further enhanced by her performance on a moss-covered piano​​.

Which of the following celebrities was spotted at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Los Angeles?

Channing Tatum

Leonardo DiCaprio

Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt

Among the Hollywood celebrities who attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Los Angeles were Channing Tatum, Selena Gomez, Emma Stone, Alicia Keys, and others. Their presence highlighted the widespread appeal of Swift’s music across different audiences​​.

How did Taylor Swift tease her album ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ during the Eras Tour?

By wearing a retro outfit

By changing all her costumes to blue

By playing an unreleased song

By showing a teaser video

In a clever teaser, Taylor Swift wore blue variations of her costumes during her last show in Los Angeles, subtly hinting at her album ‘1989’. She later confirmed the album’s release while wearing a gorgeous blue dress, making the announcement even more special for her fans​​.

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