Are You Ready to Stream ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ Movie? Test Your Knowledge!

Where did ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ movie premiere?

Madison Square Garden

The O2 Arena

The Grove in Los Angeles

Staples Center

The film premiered at The Grove in Los Angeles in October​​.

How much did ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ Film earn at the domestic box office during its opening weekend?

$50 million

$96 million

$120 million

$75 million

The film grossed $96 million in the domestic box office in its opening weekend​​.

What unique aspect of ‘The Eras Tour’ film has been reported by fans?

An interactive app feature

A camera crew following Taylor Swift

A virtual reality experience

A hidden soundtrack

Eagle-eyed fans reported spotting a camera crew following Taylor Swift during the Eras Tour film premiere, indicating possible filming for a documentary​​.

Until when will ‘The Eras Tour’ movie remain in theaters?

Until the end of 2023

At least until mid-January 2024

Only through the holiday season

Until the end of Taylor’s next tour

The Eras Tour movie will stay in theaters at least until mid-January 2024, as per Taylor’s deal with AMC​​.

Which other Taylor Swift concert film is leaving Netflix at the end of December?

“Miss Americana”

“Reputation Stadium Tour”

“Fearless Tour”

“1989 World Tour”

Taylor Swift’s “Reputation Stadium Tour” film is available on Netflix but is leaving the platform on December 30​​.

Where can you watch ‘Taylor Swift Folklore Long Pond Studio Sessions’?


Amazon Prime Video



The “Taylor Swift Folklore Long Pond Studio Sessions” is available on Disney+.

What has been hinted by fan observations and reports regarding ‘The Eras Tour’ film?

A sequel to the movie

An upcoming new album

A potential Eras Tour documentary

A virtual reality experience

Fans and reports have hinted at the possibility of a documentary about The Eras Tour, as a camera crew was spotted following Taylor Swift during the film’s premiere​​.

What unique audience behavior is noted at the theatrical showings of ‘The Eras Tour’ film?

Cosplay as Taylor Swift

Interactive quizzes during intermissions

Singing and dancing by the audience

Audience voting for the next song

At the theatrical showings of ‘The Eras Tour’ film, there has been a lot of singing and dancing by the audience, as observed in footage posted online​​.

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