Taylor Swift Trivia Questions 2024: Test Your Knowledge & Master Taylor Swift’s Harvard Course!

In which year did Taylor Swift first emerge on the music scene?

Taylor Swift first emerged on the music scene in 2006, marking the beginning of her influential career.

What is the name of the new undergraduate class about Taylor Swift at Harvard?

Taylor Swift and Her World

The Art of Taylor Swift

Understanding Taylor Swift

Swift’s Musical Journey

Harvard University will offer a course called “Taylor Swift and Her World” in spring 2024.

Who is teaching the Taylor Swift course at Harvard?

Stephanie Meyer

Stephanie Burt

Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Williams

Harvard English professor Stephanie Burt will teach the course, exploring Swift’s music and its connection to literature.

Which of Taylor Swift’s tracks is mentioned in relation to William Wordsworth’s themes?

The course will evaluate Taylor’s track “The Lakes” from her “Folklore” album and its relation to Wordsworth’s themes of loss and regret.

What type of assignments can students expect in the Harvard course?

Multiple Choice Quizzes

Songwriting and Creative Writing

Performing Swift’s Songs

Analyzing Music Videos

Apart from essays, students might engage in songwriting, fiction writing, or poetry, reflecting their interests in Swift’s work.

Love Story

You Belong With Me

Back to December


“Back to December” is highlighted as a song where Swift tells a heartfelt story of remorse, drawing parallels to Wordsworth’s reflections.

What is one of the key learning outcomes of the Harvard course on Taylor Swift?

A significant goal of the course is for students to develop an appreciation for the artistry in Taylor Swift’s music.





In 2023, Swift encouraged her 272 million Instagram followers to register to vote, leading to a surge in voter registration.

Which album by Taylor Swift was specifically mentioned for its relation to literary works?





The “Folklore” album, especially the track “The Lakes,” will be studied for its literary connections.

Has Taylor Swift ever spoken at a university commencement before?

Taylor Swift spoke at New York University’s commencement in 2022 and received an honorary doctorate degree.

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