Can You Unravel the Mystery of Taylor Swift and ‘Argylle’? Test Your Knowledge!

What genre is the book ‘Argylle’ that has been linked to Taylor Swift?

Romance novel

Spy action comedy

Science fiction


The book ‘Argylle’, which some fans speculated was written by Taylor Swift under the pseudonym Elly Conway, is described as a spy action comedy​​.

Why did some fans think Taylor Swift was the author Elly Conway?

She announced it in a tweet

Clues in her song lyrics

Similarities in merch and music video

She was seen writing a novel

Fans speculated that Taylor Swift could be Elly Conway due to a few reasons, such as one of her merch items being an argyle sweater and the letters “ELLY” appearing in one of her music videos​​.

What is known about the real author, Elly Conway?

A famous novelist

Born and raised in upstate New York

A close friend of Taylor Swift

A pen name for a group of writers

Elly Conway, the speculated author of ‘Argylle’, is reportedly born and raised in upstate New York and wrote the novel while working as a waitress in a diner. Little else is known about them​​.

How much did Apple reportedly pay for the movie rights to ‘Argylle’?

$50 million

$100 million

$200 million

$300 million

Apple reportedly paid around $200 million for the rights to the movie adaptation of ‘Argylle’​​.

What does Vanity Fair’s report suggest about Taylor Swift’s connection to ‘Argylle’?

She is the author

She might be the author

She is not the author

She is co-authoring the book

According to sources cited by Vanity Fair, it is confirmed that Taylor Swift is not the author of ‘Argylle’, contradicting the fan speculations​​.

What animal does Taylor Swift own that also appears in the upcoming ‘Argylle’ movie?

A dog

A cat

A rabbit

A horse

One of the reasons fans linked Taylor Swift to ‘Argylle’ was because the upcoming movie features the same breed of cat that Swift owns​​.

Which item owned by Taylor Swift is similar to something seen in the ‘Argylle’ movie?

A guitar

A dress

A cat carrier

A pair of shoes

The movie ‘Argylle’ features a cat carrier similar to one owned by Taylor Swift, adding to the fan theories about her connection to the book​​.

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