Swift & Kelce : Can You Score Perfect on Their Relationship Timeline Quiz?

Where did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce first cross paths, leading to the start of their relationship?

A Kansas City Chiefs game

A concert in New York City

The Eras Tour concert at Arrowhead Stadium

A Hollywood party

What did Travis Kelce attempt to give Taylor Swift at the Eras Tour concert?

A rose

A friendship bracelet with his phone number

A Chiefs jersey

A signed football

How did Taylor Swift first publicly support Travis Kelce?

By attending a Kansas City Chiefs game

By mentioning him in a song

By wearing a Chiefs-themed outfit

By posting about him on social media

Where was Taylor Swift first seen with Travis Kelce’s family?

At a restaurant in Kansas City

At Travis Kelce’s house

At a Chiefs game

At an award ceremony

What was Travis Kelce’s reaction to the media attention regarding his relationship with Taylor Swift?

He openly discussed their relationship

He kept details private but expressed his happiness

He denied the relationship

He avoided the topic completely

Who did Taylor Swift bring along to a Chiefs game to support Travis Kelce?

Her family

Members of her girl squad, including Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Only her security team

Other NFL players

On which show did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce make a surprise appearance together?

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Saturday Night Live

The Late Late Show with James Corden

How did Taylor Swift publicly acknowledge her relationship with Travis Kelce during her Eras Tour in Argentina?

By wearing a Chiefs jersey

By dedicating a song to him

By changing a lyric in her song “Karma”

By bringing him on stage

What personal connection does Travis Kelce have with the Philadelphia Eagles, which relates to Taylor Swift?

He was a former player for the Eagles

His brother plays for the Eagles

Taylor Swift is a known Eagles fan

Both B and C

Where did Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift first meet each other’s families?

In New York City

At a Chiefs game

In Buenos Aires, Argentina

At a family dinner in Kansas City

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