(Ep.1) Are You a True Swiftie? Test Your Knowledge with These Taylor Swift Trivia Questions!

What is Taylor Swift’s full name?

Taylor Marie Swift

Taylor Elizabeth Swift

Taylor Alison Swift

Taylor Anne Swift

Taylor Swift’s full name is Taylor Alison Swift​.

Why did Taylor’s mother name her “Taylor”?

It was a family name

She liked the sound of it

To prevent gender identification by name

It was her favorite author’s name

Taylor Swift was given the name Taylor Alison Swift at birth. Her mother chose the name Taylor because she wanted a name that wouldn’t reveal her daughter’s gender just by reading it.

Which family member of Taylor was a professional opera singer?

Her mother

Her grandmother

Her aunt

Her sister

Taylor Swift’s grandmother was a professional opera singer, which inspired Swift from a young age.

What was Taylor Swift’s first song?

“Teardrops on My Guitar”

“Tim McGraw”

“Love Story”

“Lucky You”

Taylor Swift’s songwriting talents emerged early. Her first song, titled “Lucky You,” was written following her newfound passion for the guitar, marking the beginning of her remarkable songwriting career.

What is Taylor Swift’s lucky number?





The number 13 is famously known as Taylor Swift’s lucky number. She has often spoken about the number’s significance in her life and career, considering it a harbinger of good luck.

At what age did Taylor Swift start performing at local events?

8 years old

10 years old

12 years old

14 years old

By the age of 10, Taylor Swift was already showcasing her musical talent by singing at various local events, including contests and fairs, setting the stage for her future success.

Which instrument did a computer repairman teach Taylor to play at age 12?





A pivotal moment in Swift’s musical journey occurred at 12 when a computer repairman taught her to play three chords on the guitar. This inspired her to learn more about the instrument and begin songwriting.

Which of these is NOT a nickname of Taylor Swift?





Taylor Swift has been known by several nicknames over the years, including Tay, Swifty, T-Swift, T-Swizzle, but not T-Sizzle. These nicknames reflect her dynamic personality and the affection of her fans.

Which award did Taylor Swift win for the first time in 2015?

Grammy for Album of the Year

American Music Award for Artist of the Year

BRIT Award for International Female Solo Artist

MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video

In 2015, Taylor Swift won her first BRIT Award for International Female Solo Artist, adding another prestigious accolade to her already impressive list of achievements.

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