Can You Feel the Love? The Heartwarming Tale of Taylor Swift’s Touching Tribute in Brazil!

Who did Taylor Swift meet with before her show in São Paulo?

A group of dedicated fans

The family of a fan who passed away

Local musicians

The show’s organizers

What was the name of the fan whose family Taylor Swift met?

Maria Fernandes

Ana Clara Benevides Machado

Julia Santos

Carla Rodriguez

How old was the fan at the time of her passing?





What was the likely cause of the fan’s passing?

A car accident

Cardiac arrest due to a heat wave


Unknown reasons

Where did Taylor Swift meet the family of the fan?

At a local restaurant

At her hotel

At Allianz Parque stadium

At the fan’s home

What did Taylor Swift do in honor of the fan at her show in Rio?

Dedicated her entire show to the fan

Performed a special song

Wore a T-shirt with the fan’s face

Held a moment of silence

Which song did Taylor Swift choose to honor the fan?

“Love Story”

“All Too Well”

“Bigger Than the Whole Sky”

“Shake It Off”

What did Taylor Swift say about the event on Instagram?

She was excited to meet the family

She expressed her devastation

She didn’t mention the meeting

She thanked the family for their support

What did Taylor Swift do in response to the tragedy before her next show?

Visited the hospital

Postponed the show scheduled for Nov. 18

Cancelled the rest of her tour

Held a charity concert

When is Taylor Swift set to resume her tour after the São Paulo show?

December 2023

January 2024

February 2024

March 2024

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